Find out more about area rugs for your home

You'll often find area rugs placed over hard surface flooring options like stone or wood. But they can also work well over carpeting as well with excellent results. For some homeowners, protection and durability are most important, while others prefer visuals.

There are plenty of ways to combine the benefits these products offer. If you have concerns about which products are best for your space, we can help. And the more you know about the materials, the better choices you can make.

There's no lack of comfort here

There's no doubt about the comfort and softness available in these materials. Kitchen, bathroom, and living room rugs are great ways to make the most of softness. In addition, there's a lot of standing and activity in these spaces that make them more livable than ever.

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Increased warmth is perfect for children

Area rugs have an excellent insulating benefit, mainly if you use the proper padding. You'll appreciate a warmer rug in bedrooms, children's rooms, and living rooms, to name a few. And they are especially welcome in basements and patio areas.

Busy homes benefit from noise suppression

Activity and movement can cause all kinds of noise, and area rugs help to suppress that. Not only are these pieces quieter when you walk on them. But they also absorb sounds from the atmosphere around the room.
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Area rugs can even help with allergies

The ideal rugs can trap allergens like dander, dust, and pollen, keeping them out of the air. Improving the air quality is essential for everyone in the household. And these pieces help to make that possible for years to come.

Define your space with area rugs

These pieces can create a comfortable, defined space, anchoring furniture in the room. Depending on the size of your area rugs, you can create different spaces, even in a large open area. Be sure to ask about all your size options.

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